"I Never Saw Tonic Like That"

Someone sent an email asking why the tonic wasn't clear like the one he buys at the store.
It's because we don't use chemicals in our tonic. If we did, we could just dilute it in some seltzer, add some sweetener and bottle it. But it wouldn't be the 
Liquid Laboratory tonic.

In the process of making this, we get dried bark from the cinchona tree sent up from South America. Then we crush it into near powder and boil it to get the good stuff out. Then, in goes the organic orange, lemon and lime juices, some allspice berries and a little bit of organic agave syrup to give it some sweetness.

To give it some shelf life, we add some citric acid as a natural preservative. Then we filter it. Some fine particles may end up at the bottom of the bottle but that's natural.

The result is the Robust Tonic and the Dry Tonic. And, yes, the golden color comes from the bark. The difference between the two is that the Robust Tonic has a bit more agave in it so it's a more round and sweet taste. Really, its perfect for the classic gin and tonic. And once you have a taste of it, you'll never want a G&T without it. The store bought tonics will seem one dimensional while this has some girth to it. Hence, the name Robust.

The Dry Tonic, on the other hand, has a more crisp and sharp flavor that puts the citrus flavors front and center. It borders on being tart and was designed to be used as a mixer. Think strong fresh green apple notes with the punch of citrus. We have a few cocktails that use the Dry Tonic. Stay tuned.

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